Knowledge Platform event and training in Bari

Published on
November 1, 2023

FOSC consortium and the FOSC project coordinators jointly participated in a successful workshop and training. The event took place on 25-26 October in Bari, Italy, and was organised by the FOSC partner CIHEAM-IAMB, the International Centre for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies.

Knowledge Platform event The first day of the event focused on collaboration between the projects and the development of joint valorisation products. The activities were organized as part of the Knowledge Platform activities to develop valorisation products in clustered groups.

Knowledge platform.jpg

The joint development of valorisation products by projects started already in May and June 2023. The project coordinators formed working groups around specific themes to consider what kind of valorisation products could be created when the experience and outcomes of their projects is brought together. On 25 October, groups met in person, with some online participants joining, to advance the development of these valorisation items.

Dr Magdalena GAJDZINSKA, Research Policy Officer DG-Research, started off the Knowledge Platform session, setting out key issues regarding valorisation of research results for policy makers and provided relevant information regarding training that would benefit projects teams. Project coordinators then divided into five groups to focus on their valorisation items. The groups had come together around the following topics:

  • Traditional Ecological Knowledge
  • Foresight for Resilient Food Systems
  • Valorisation of waste for food and feed
  • Drought and Saline Stress
  • Business case study for dairy and citrus farms

Training: amplifying research impact through open innovation and gender equality

CIHEAM arranged a training day for project coordinators which included two sessions. The first session focused on how to amplify innovation in research and the second session focused on gender equality. Innovation consultant, Donato Macario, led the first session, titled ‘The importance of Human Centered approach behind a successful organization - Amplifying Research Impact through Open Innovation People-Centered and the Startup Mindset’.


Quote from Donato: ‘The most important innovation we need is the human one, the one that starts with new mindsets and new ways of working’.

The session explored how scientific results can be leveraged through a human-centred approach derived from open innovation and a startup mindset. Donato demonstrated the value of collaboration with external stakeholders to bring new perspectives to the valorisation of scientific results; this represented a key element of the human-centred approach. He also presented ways that the startup mindset can transform research outcomes through an approach that is flexible, agile and value-seeking.