Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Policies (MIPAAF)

Country: Italy

The Ministry of agricultural food and forestry policies (MIPAAF) supports the agro-food and forestry sector through the governmental Programme in Agriculture, yearly issued, devoted to the development and sustainability of a competitive agricultural, agri-food and agroindustry sector, including promotion of research and innovation, the development of agri-food chains, protection and exploitation of typical and quality products and internationalization of enterprises, the implementation at national level of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). The Research office, DISR IV, is responsible for Research and Innovation programming, research promotion and funding within the agricultural, agri-food and rural sector. Research and innovation activities are planned in coherence with the National Strategic Plan for innovation and research for agriculture, food and forestry (PSIR) contributing to align the research and rural development policies for the best agriculture development in the wide context of sustainable agriculture and bioeconomy. MIPAAF contributes as partner to many actions and initiatives - Joint Programming Initiatives (JPIs), European Research Area (ERA) and Coordination Support Action (CSAs) aimed at the coordination in research and innovation and the definition of a common research agenda, and as member of SCAR (Standing Committee on Agricultural Research). It also funds and acts as supervisor of CREA (Council for Research in Agriculture and economics), one of the major Italian research centres dealing with all aspects of food production and nutrition.