Research Institute for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (EV-ILVO)

Country: Belgium

EV-ILVO (Own Capital of ILVO) created within the Flanders Research Institute for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (ILVO) is the contractor in this ERA-Net project. ILVO is an internal independent agency from the Flemish Government. ILVO and EV-ILVO are 2 separate legal entities, but operate in practice as 1 institute, with the same director and same address. The institute employs around 600 people, of which 50 % are researchers. EV-ILVO employs 340 FTE’s and about 252 FTE’s are paid by the Flemish Government. In this respect the position of ILVO is comparable to the positions of research institutes as INRA (France).

ILVO performs multidisciplinary, innovative and independent research aimed at economically, ecologically and socially sustainable agriculture and fisheries in a from farm to fork approach. ILVO’s mission consists of performing and coordinating policy-supporting scientific research and associated public service in view of a sustainable agriculture, fishery and food in an economic, ecological and social perspective. The institute has four research units: Plant Sciences, Animal Sciences, Social Sciences and Technology and Food Sciences and has a large infrastructure: 200 hectares of experimental fields, 15000 m2 of glasshouses and more than 20000 m2 of experimental animal housing, test benches, a plant diagnostic centre, and various accredited laboratories and pilot installations for milk, food and seed processing.