Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research (IAI)

Country: Inter-American organization

The Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research (IAI), an intergovernmental organization with 19 Parties in the Americas, pursues the principles of scientific excellence, international cooperation, and the full and open exchange of scientific information, relevant to global change. In order to do so, our objectives are to:

  1. Promote regional cooperation for interdisciplinary research on aspects of global change related to the sciences of the earth, ocean, atmosphere, and the environment and to social sciences, with particular attention to impacts on ecosystems and biodiversity, socio- economic impacts, and technologies and economic aspects associated with the mitigation of and adaptation to global change;
  2. Conduct or select for sponsorship scientific programs and projects on the basis of their regional relevance and scientific merit as determined by scientific review;
  3. Pursue on a regional scale that research which cannot be pursued by any individual State or institution and dedicate itself to scientific issues of regional importance;
  4. Improve the scientific and technical capabilities and research infrastructure of the States of the region by identifying and promoting the development of facilities for the implementation of data management and by the scientific and technical training of professionals;
  5. Foster standardization, collection, analysis and exchange of scientific data relevant to global change;
  6. Improve public awareness and provide scientific information to governments for the development of public policy relevant to global change;
  7. Promote cooperation among the different research institutions of the region and (8) in other regions

Strategic Plan: http://www.iai.int/pdf/en/Strategicplan-en.pdf