National Research Agency (ANR)

Country: France

The French National Research Agency (ANR) was
established by the French government in 2005. The main mission of ANR is to fund the best fundamental research, but also targeted and applied research in particular through partnerships between companies and public sector laboratories. ANR supports French research excellence and it is the ANR mission to strengthen international cooperation by contributing in particular to the funding of international consortia in partnership with other funding agencies in Europe and beyond.

The ANR 2019 Work Programme, adopted on 3 July 2018 by
its Governing Board, comes under the framework fixed by the “France Europe 2020” Strategic Agenda presented by the Minister for Higher Education and Research on 21 May 2013. ANR funds are available in all scientific fields, for both fundamental and industrial research. This work programme is structured around 4 cross-cutting components:

  1. Major societal challenges

  2. At the frontiers of research

  3. Building the European Research Area (ERA) and France's international attractiveness

  4. Economic impact of research and competitiveness

Since 2010, the ANR has also been the principal operator of the Investments for the Future Programme in the field of higher education and research. In this role it ensures the selection, funding and monitoring of projects relating to the centres of excellence, health, biotechnologies, and the transfer of technology and the creation of value from research. Since its inception in 2005, the ANR agency funded more than 18000 projects, and co-funded more than 2000 international projects. The “Environment, Ecosystems, and Biological Resources” department of the ANR participates in many transnational initiatives, including 11 ongoing ERA-NETs, 4 JPIs and the Belmont Forum.